The Cabin is the Edinburgh JMCS' new club hut. When we acquired the hut it was in a poor condition, so since then we have been working to make it habitable. This work has included creating a new car park and access path, together with a major interior refit.
[The club received funding from Awards for All and the Scottish Mountaineering Trust for some of this work.]

By October 2008 a lot of work had been done by club members but some major, professional joinery work was still required (one of the links below shows some photos of the interior state of the hut in October 2008). In particular:

  1. part of the kitchen floor was rotten, due to persistent dampness, and needed to be replaced;
  2. the source of the dampness was the continual blockage of the guttering and drains due to vegetation from nearby trees falling onto the roof, and ending up in the gutters - this needed to be sorted;
  3. various doors and windows needed to be unstuck/replaced;
  4. an interior wall needed to be knocked down to make a reasonable size kitchen/lounge, and new kitchen units and a stove then needed to be fitted;
  5. a drying room needed be constructed;
  6. alpine-style bunks needed to be constructed in the sleeping area.

In early December 2008 we received a grant of £10,000 from Awards for All to carry out this work so, in mid December, we instructed Alan, a joiner who was recommended to Patrick, to start work. By late January 2009, by dint of Herculean efforts by Alan (in particular, over the New Year period, when he stayed in the hut), (a)-(d) of the above jobs had been completed. Early in the year progress got a bit bogged down for various reasons. However, by August, the bunks had been completed and most of the joinery work on the drying room and a second toilet/shower room had also been completed. The 'official' opening took place on 21 November (the day of the club AGM and dinner in the nearby Laggan Hotel), and bookings started to be taken.

There are still some finishing touches needed (in particular, the plumbing for the second toilet/shower still needs to be completed), but these are mostly minor and the hut is now in operation.

The links below show some photos of the state of the hut while this work was in progress.


Hut photos:


Last updated 18 March, 2010.