Aberdour (Hawkcraig)

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Map Ref         NT 200 849 (Landranger 66)
Post Code       KY3 0RQ
Lat             N56:03:01 (56.050310)
Long            W3:17:05 (-3.284601)
Distance        19 miles; 35 mins

Cross the Forth bridge, leave the motorway at the second exit after the bridge and then turn right under the motorway, then follow the signs for Aberdour, entering it along the A921. Follow this through Aberdour until you can turn right along the road heading for the Silver Sands beach - head for the blue P marked on the map. Don't go into the car park, follow the road to the left which drops down towards the beach (and a second car park), then curves round to Hawkcraig Point. Stop here (if you don't you will drive off the cliffs), then walk round to the right to the crags.

The usual post-climbing pub is the Cedar Inn in Aberdour.

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