Kindred clubs, and JMCS hut fees for KC members

Kindred clubs

The following are kindred clubs with the Edinburgh JMCS:

Booking a kindred club hut

To book a kindred club hut, see here

External club and kindred club fees

For each of the above kindred clubs the table below lists the following information: Essentially, we have set our fees for kindred clubs to be the same (rounded to a nice number), pro rata, as the corresponding kindred club would charge our members.
NB our external club fee is £14
Club     external     KC     JMCS
SMC £20 £13 £9
FRCC £18 £14 £11
Oread £10 £5 £4
YRC £14 £10 £10

NB These fees are obviously liable to change, without notice. If you find that any of them are incorrect, please let us know by emailing:   

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