SMC club huts 'Season Ticket'

What you get

For a fixed, one off, fee of £75 (for the year 2019), covering the period 1st January to 31st December, JMCS members who have purchased a Season Ticket do not need to make any further payments in respect of any bed nights, during the year, when they use any of the five SMC huts. Obviously, the Season Ticket is not transferable.

The bed night charges for the five huts in question (in 2018 - I haven't checked for 2019) were:

    £12 for Ling;
    £15 for Lagangarbh, Raeburn and Naismith;
    £20 for the CIC in winter then £15 in summer.

What you don't get

You do not get your own key, you get this in the normal manner by contacting the hut custodian.

Obtaining a Season Ticket

Using the Season Ticket

After you have been 'processed', you can apply to book bed nights through the SMC hut custodians as usual. The only difference is that when booking you should say that you intend to pay with a season ticket (so that you won't have to pay a deposit), and when signing in at the hut you enter your name and 'JMCS Season ticket'.

NB   The SMC considers the JMCS (all sections) to be a 'kindred club'. Clubs with huts have varying views of what that means. The SMC's view is that JMCS members can phone a custodian directly and make a booking, without going through their club secretary or waiting for an official meet of their club to take place.

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