Guidelines for submitting newsletter articles

Submission: to make typesetting articles as easy as possible please follow the following guidelines.

  • Use simple unformatted text. A simple word document will do.
    • 'Unformatted' means no bold, italic, coloured fonts etc., or any of the myriad other effects that microsoft has dreamt up over the years to sell updates to word.
      In fact, after being typeset any formatting you might put in will have disappeared.
    • Section headers and simple lists are OK, if necessary, but nothing elaborate.
    • Paragraphs, of course, are fine (indeed, obligatory), but to make sure that they don't disappear when copied over, please insert a couple of blank lines between paragraphs.
  • Photos should be in jpg files, numbered something like 1.jpg, 2.jpg,..., (or 01.jpg,...) in the order you think they should appear, together with a list of correspondingly numbered captions.
    Do not embed images into a word document - this will ruin the photo quality and make them unusable.
  • Send the whole package to the or David either by email, or something like a dropbox link will do.