Midweek meets

Throughout the year the club has an 'official' club night on Wednesday evenings.
Over the winter this is at a local climbing wall, usually EICA Ratho
Over the summer this is at a local (or not so local in midsummer) crag if the weather is amenable, or a local climbing wall if not.
A regular contingent of members also climb on a Monday evening.

Anyone interested in joining the club is welcome to come along to either of these evenings, but it's worth getting in touch with the first to make sure that someone will be there!

Updates on climbing plans: We have an email list to coordinate plans on any given evening — the latest emails can be seen here. This should give an up-to-date idea of where we are likely to be.

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Coronavirus restriction are still in place. Mountaineering Scotland has a page containing up-to-date information on these at:   Coronavirus restrictions.
Clearly, JMCS activities are affected by these - for further information see:   JMCS news.

The basic requirements seem to be: at most 6 people from at most 6 households until 17 May then at most 8 people from at most 8 households; if possible transport should not be shared.
To try to make this work, here is an   attendance spreadsheet.
If you plan to come along to a meet, sign up here, if there is still space.
We will see how this goes for now...
If rules change and something is clearly out of date, please email    , who will update it.

2021 summer midweek meets

Details of this year's midweek meets are listed below.
This is of course fairly tentative at this stage - we will update this as it becomes clearer how things are working.
It seems that beer gardens are open, but booking may be required.

In the table:   SS = 'sunset';   LW = 'low tide time at Aberdour' - climbing is feasible about 3 hours either side of low tide

Date Venue Notes
05 May Aberdour SS 20:52   LW 16:58   13:58->19:58
12 May Benny Beg SS 21:13
19 May Traprain SS 21:26
26 May Auchinstarry SS 21:38
02 Jun Berryhill SS 21:48
09 Jun Aberdour SS 21:56   LW 20:52   17:52->23:52
16 Jun Kyloe SS 22:01
23 Jun Aberdour SS 22:03   LW 20:19   17:19->23:19
30 Jun Loudon Hill ss 22:01
07 Jul Aberdour SS 21:57   LW 19:46   16:46->22:46
14 Jul Dunkeld SS 21:47
21 Jul Aberdour SS 21:39   LW 19:04   16:04->22:04
28 Jul Auchinstarry SS 21:27
04 Aug Aberdour SS 21:13   LW 18:29   15:29->21:29
11 Aug Benny Beg SS 20:58
18 Aug Aberdour SS 20:41   LW 17:45   14:45->20:45
25 Aug Rosyth Quarry SS 20:24
01 Sep Aberdour SS 20:06   LW 16:40   13:40->19:40

Day meets   (these will go on the 'Weekend Meets' list when that is sorted out).

Date Venue Notes
08 May Kirrie Hill Saturday
29 May Kyloe Saturday
19 Jun Dunkeld Saturday