Payment for 2019 AGM dinner

For some bizarre reason the hotel wants a cheque from the club for the AGM dinners, rather than people paying for themselves.

NB this is just for the AGM dinner - attendees will pay the hotel directly for accommodation, and any drinks, and any meal on Friday evening if you go up then, or indeed anything else.

So, if you are going to the AGM, please make a payment beforehand to the club of £29.50 for the meal, via either a bank transfer or cheque.

How to do this is described here

If you make a transfer, please try to add some reference telling me who the payment is for, especially if you are making a transfer for more than one person, and also please email me to tell me you have made a payment.

Sometimes all that shows up at my end is something like "payment from account '123456789ABC'" If everyone sends me an email I can usually figure out who has made any mysterious payment.

Also, please do not merge in any other payments you may need to make for example hut fees, or the 2019-20 club subscriptions. This is very much a one-off transaction and it will make my life much simpler to keep it separate from any other club business.

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