Alpine Club/JMCS/SMC Winter Lectures 2020-21

At the present time, due to Covid all the talks are planned to be online, at 7.30pm on Tuesday evenings.

Details of the links to the talks have been emailed to members. To avoid potential disruption of the events they are not shown here. Tuesday 17 November Ski Mountaineering Far Afield   -   Cathy O’Dowd, Andy Perkins and Phil Wickens.  

For those who think it's more fun to descend your mountain on skis we have an evening of ski mountaineering in remote locations. Cathy O'Dowd kicks off the evening with peaks in the Canadian Yukon. Then Andy Perkins showcases first ski descents in a little-known fjord on the West Coast of Greenland. Finally, Phil Wickens shows us how to get to Antarctica and what to do there. The evening will conclude with a Q&A. Tuesday 15 December The Shining Mountain: A Changabang Special   -   Sir Chris Bonington, John Porter and Andy Cave or Mick Fowler

Alpine Club Librarian Nigel Buckley talks to Sir Chris about the first ascent in 1974, then John Porter takes us up the South Face in 1978, and finally Andy Cave or Mick Fowler tackle developments on the North Face in 1997. Followed by a Q&A.

Mid-February Tom Livingston   -   on his incredible ascent of Latok 1 (7145m) in Pakistan


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