Cotes du Rhone
May 2006.   Report by: Bryan Rynne


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For this year's JMCS spring holiday, the same group (plus some others) returned to the Cotes du Rhone Villages area where we went last year. In fact, we stayed in the same gite, along with another smaller one to cope with the extra numbers.

As I said in last year's report, the wine and climbing in this area are excellent, which explains why we returned this year. Again, we climbed at the Dentelles de Montmirail and Buis les Baronnies. Last year, the mistral kept us off the Dentelles for most of the week, but we spent several days there this year (most of the accompanying photos were taken there). Overall, I probably prefer Buis, but there is a large amount of very good climbing at grades F5-6 in both these areas.