Contact details for the club database

New members, or current members whose details have changed, please complete the relevant portions of the form below. This information will go in the club database and be distributed to members. It will also go to Mountaineering Scotland for insurance purposes, but will not go to anyone else.
New members: don't fill in this form until after you have joined, i.e., after you have paid the subs.
If you simply want to contact us, don't fill in this form, email the .

Leave any item blank (except your name! and email address) if it is unchanged, or you do not want it on the database.

Mountaineering Scotland affiliation

If you are not already affiliated to the Mountaineering Scotland (formerly known as 'Mountaineering Council of Scotland'), either as an individual member or as a member of another affiliated club, ignore the second section of the form.

If you are already affiliated to Mountaineering Scotland:

(A)   To keep our records clear and consistent with those of Mountaineering Scotland (for the liability insurance) please tick the box and indicate the name of the other club (or write individual).

(B)   JMCS does not have to pay Mountaineering Scotland a second subscription on your behalf - indicate whether you wish us to pay another Mountaineering Scotland subscription.
If the answer is 'No', you can either pay the full JMCS subscription (which will obviously help our funds) or you can elect to pay a reduced subscription.
In the latter case, please contact the Treasurer () directly to discuss the amount.

If this is all as clear as mud, simply fill in the contact details on the form, and then contact the who will attempt to clarify it.