Joining, or renewing membership

New members: to join the club, pay your annual subscription using one of the methods described below. Once you have done that, and received an email acknowledgement, add your contact details to the club database by filling in the contact details form.

Before doing that you should have a look at the JMCS privacy policy.

Current members: pay your annual subscription using one of the methods described below.
If any contact details need to be updated fill these in on the contact details form.

The club treasurer:



Annual subscription rate

The JMCS club year runs from 1 November to 31 October.
The full JMCS annual subscription for 2020-21 is   £34.
If you are a member of Mountaineering Scotland (MS), either individually or as a member of another club which pays a subscription to MS on your behalf, then JMCS does not have to also pay MS a subscription for you, so your JMCS subscription can be reduced by the amount that JMCS would normally have to pay to MS.
For 2020-21 the reduced subscription to JMCS is:   £16.45.

Prompt payment is much appreciated, and payment by mid-December is essential for you to be covered by the MS' civil liability insurance scheme.

New members:

  • if you join between   1 Nov - 30 Apr   you pay the full subscription;
  • if you join between   1 May - 31 Aug   you pay half the full subscription;
  • if you join between   1 Sep - 31 Oct   you pay the full subscription, but this will also cover the following year's membership, including the annual MS membership, which runs from September to August, and is the cause of this strange subscription policy.

How to pay the subscription

  • Pay by bank transfer (see notes below) - this is by far my most preferred method nowadays, especially during the current pandemic.
    The bank account details are:
    NB   under new payee name checks by the banks, you might need to type in the full account name as above.
  • Send a cheque, payable to 'Edinburgh JMCS', to the club treasurer at the above address.
    Please   if you can do a bank transfer please do so rather than send a cheque. The nearest remaining open bank branch to me is now in the city centre, and in the current situation I very rarely go to the city centre!
  • No cash this year!

NB if you pay by bank transfer:  

  • please email to say that you have made a payment
    (if you don't email it is conceivable your payment won't be noticed!);
  • if you get the option, please put your name as a 'reference' for the payment
    (sometimes the transaction on the bank statement just reads something like 'AC 123456789', which makes it difficult to know who the payment is from!);
  • please don't use the above bank details for other payments.
    In particular, hut fees payments should go to the hut custodian - this makes it much easier for both the custodians and the treasurer to keep track of what is going on.

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