Joining, or renewing membership

New members: to join the club, pay your annual subscription as described below. Once you have done that, and received an email acknowledgement, add your contact details to the club database by filling in the contact details form.

Before doing that you should have a look at the JMCS privacy policy.

Current members: pay your annual subscription as described below.
If any contact details need to be updated fill these in on the contact details form.

The club treasurer:

Annual JMCS subscription rates for 1 November 2023 - 31 October 24

Full Subscription £34.00
Reduced Subscription £12.25

Notes on MS membership
The two JMCS subscription rates relate to Affiliated Club Membership of Mountaineering Scotland (MS).
There is more information about this on the MS website at: Club Subscriptions, but here is a brief attempt to explain it.

  • Full Subscription   If you are not in MS by any other route then you pay us the 'Full Subscription'.
    We will then pay to MS their Affiliated Club Subscription on your behalf (currently £21.75), and you will then become an 'Affiliated Club Member' of MS.
  • Reduced Subscription   If you are already a member of MS, either as an individual member or as a member of another club which pays an Affiliated Club Subscription to MS on your behalf, then JMCS does not have to pay MS another subscription on your behalf.
    So, in this case you need only pay us our Reduced Subscription (as above).
  • NB   It is a condition of JMCS affiliation to MS that all JMCS members must be affiliated members of MS by some route.
    So, if you are a new JMCS member and you elect to pay the Reduced Subscription, you should tell the by what route you are already an Affiliated Member of MS. The Treasurer will then inform MS of this when paying the general affiliation subs to MS
    (for long-standing members the Treasurer already has this information, so don't tell him again unless anything changes).

New members:
This is even more complicated since the JMCS financial year (Nov-Oct) does not coincide with the MS financial year (Apr-Mar), but we have to pay MS for membership according to their financial year.
To attempt to achieve some sort of fairness for people who join in the middle of our financial year we have adopted the following rules.

  • If you join between November and April you pay the above annual subscription (non MS or MS).
  • If you join between May and October you get a reduction on the above annual subscription, depending on the month in which you join, as follows:

Joining month Reduction (non MS) Reduction (MS)
May £6 £5
June £7 £5
October £11 £5
  • (for non MS members, these reductions reflect the corresponding reductions in the subs we pay to MS).

If this does not seem to make sense please contact the

How to pay the subscription

  • Pay by bank transfer - this is by far the most preferred method nowadays.
    The bank account details are:
    NB   under new payee name checks by the banks, you might need to type in the full account name as above.
  • If you cannot pay by bank transfer, please contact the Treasurer.

NB if you pay by bank transfer, please:  

  • put 'surname subs' as the 'reference' for the payment, where 'surname' is your surname
    (put exactly this as the reference, in particular the exact word 'subs' - this helps greatly in sorting 'subs' payments into the right category in the accounts);
  • email the to say that you have made a payment.
    A single sentence will do, but if you don't email it is just conceivable your payment won't be noticed!
    If you are paying for more than one person list all their names in the email
    (don't try to squeeze them into the reference, they almost certainly won't fit).